Is the life you’re living yours?

Are you still being driven by the past?

I was reflecting today and thinking, am I still living my life at some deep level?

Based on the rules that other people have set for me. Or based on past traumas that hurt so deeply about who I could be and what I could have.

Am I still disallowing myself from being all of who I could be because I’m still operating on a system that just automatically disallows me because unkind people in the past said, no, that’s not for you?

So give yourself permission, give yourself permission every day to go deep, to explore, to pull things apart to go:

  • What has made me, who I am today?
  • Where does the value that I currently have on myself come from really?

When words  wound  we can change our thoughts and heal.

You are worthy of everything that you desire. And it’s up to us to keep doing the healing work, to keep looking, to keep digging and removing those old thoughts and beliefs that hold us back.

To keep saying no, no, no, no, no! You minimized me and dismissed me when I was a child. You poked fun at me. You were hateful. You were hurtful, but that’s not who I am.

That was never, never who I was.

We’re all meant for greatness. So stop whose life are you living, whose life and give yourself permission for it to be yours.

Give yourself permission every single day.

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