was recently told that there was a study done that said that 90% of clinical depression in this study was caused by one thing.

And that was conflict of values, which resulted in indecision.

And when that conflict was resolved and the person made clear decisions and had real clarity and real honesty about what it was that they wanted in their life, that would allow them to feel true purpose and fulfillment, 90%, the depression was cleared.

So my question for you today is: if you are feeling a little down,  you have a few options that you’re holding back from making a decision on, and it’s causing you to feel unhappy, maybe you just need to simply decide.

Give yourself permission to be really honest about what it is that you truly desire for your life.

And see if that clears up any of your unhappiness.

Who would’ve thought indecision was the cause of so much unhappiness in the world.

As someone who struggled with her mental health for years, it makes perfect sense to me.

How can you be on a path of purpose and fulfillment if you feel torn between options?

Afraid you may make the wrong choice and always wondering about what could have been?

Self doubt and indecision keeps you stuck in the gap.

Trust the path you chose is the correct path.

You owe yourself the freedom from indecision.

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