Why exist when everyday  could sparkle?

My name is Trudi Pavlovsky and I’m Australias Happiness Coach. I help humans get back their positive vibe which then helps them bring their big picture goals to reality. We do this by busting mindset barriers, rewriting old stories and pave a glittered path towards happiness and success.

Perhaps you have everything you want in life but still feel unhappy and ask yourself  “Is this all there is?”

 Or maybe you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, triturated and stuck in life but have no idea why?

No matter if you need help shaking the blues away or finding a new pathway forward to truly enjoy all you have – let’s get your life sparkling again.

My clients are free thinkers who come to me seeking something beyond the average to boost their lives to the next level. If you’re looking for cookie cutter advice – or someone that’s going to hand you their swipe file and call it a day, then keep on walking, my friend.

I’m all about giving you the tools, face time and bespoke advice to shape your life the way you’d like it too look. No dream is too big or too small to not be honoured, as you move forward seeking and crafting the life of joy and happiness you desire.

I’ll hold your hand, I’ll wave rainbow sprinkles through our sessions and, chances are, I’ll sing, dance or pop into character to bring a point to life (with a background in film and theatre, and more than 6000 hours of stage time under my belt, I need an outlet, people!).

I know what it means to feel unfulfilled, to wonder if this is all there is and feel guilty for not being happy. 

Embracing four elements for changing your life, you can say good bye to the inner critic voice and live happy in every moment. 

I can show you how.

Before working with online entrepreneurs, I created experiential games for a youth support program.

Helping a room full of angsty teens understand “strange” concepts around living a life that was happy and unique vs follow the crowd, taught me the value of learning as a fun experience.

If it’s boring, we either switch off, or don’t do it.

No matter if you’re signing into one of my self-paced courses or working with me in one-to-one sessions, having fun is always a priority – but so is getting things done.

I believe in purpose-driven living – we’re here because we want to make a difference. We don’t do manipulation sales, shame, pain or con – we want to help other humans to do something amazing with their lives.

As an established and accredited life coach and NLP trainer for The Life Coaching Academy, you can draw on my experiences in NLP, Reiki, performance coaching, hypnosis, executive presentation training and experiential game creation to design unique and immersive experiences for you transformation to be lasting and true to YOU

I’ve spent the last 8 years helping people to learn and grow through engaging content and coaching – let’s get your life sparkling without the stress.

So, if Wonder Woman, She-Ra or My Little Ponies were in your squad as a kid, if you march to the beat of your own drum, if you’re ready to sparkle and shine… then I can’t wait to work with you.

Trudi is very supportive and leads with her heart. She is very genuine in her approach to everything. If you are looking to build your first e-course or you are a newbie coach needing some awesome coaching support,then I highly recommend getting on board and working with her.

Mya Joesph

Sagacity Rising

“Before I started to work with Trudi, I knew I had some sort of direction I wanted to go but I just didn’t know where to start. I had tried time and time again to make by business work but just wasn’t getting the clients. I highly recommend working with her if you are wanting to find out your strengths and how to get clients with today’s technology.”


Reality Dreams Australia

Trudi is so much fun to work with!She makes extracting all of your hidden goodness seem effortless. She is so good at helping people dig down and figure out their ideal niche, content and strategy. And she knows about the mysterious tech stuff required to actually plan and run a webinar! Some kind of unicorn goddess!! Also a fantabulous and sparkly human being.

Ursula Faye Sadhna

Trauma Release Specialist

With a combination of science, mindset, and metaphysics your happiness is guaranteed to become a daily, and forever lasting experience!