Platinum Stars


 Are you a high functioning depressed personality who ready to change your life and step into joy?

 Do you know you can feel better but don’t know how to take the first step forward?

Are you ready to take consistent action and manifest all your desire in life and in business?

It’s time NOW to get out of your own way.

Shine brighter online
Show up as a leader in your business and life
Allow your uniqueness to shine

When you decide to commit to becoming a Platinum Star client you will:

  • Understand the power in your ruby slippers was always there
  • You will receive unlimited support to grow your joy and say goodbye to the blues
  • Your ability to attract your ideal lifestyle will expand as will your capacity to show up for those you love
  • You will learn to love and honor yourself and let go of ongoing feelings of low self-worth, anxiety and depression

The best coaching package you will find

Because it is all about you.

Due the nature of the coaching, I work with limited numbers of clients at a time so I can guarantee you and your business the attention it deserves, to grow FAST.

What’s the break down?

  • Monday you will get a fifteen-minute check-in call to make sure you are set up to move forward during the week. 
  • If you need additional coaching time during the week it is allocated on that call. 
  • You can also check-in during the week and ask for additional time if required to support you to keep moving forward, and acting. 
  • You have unlimited email and messenger support. 
  • I can help you have tough conversations with those around you.
  • I will support you if self-doubt hits in.
  • If expansion wobbles hit, I work through those with you. I am your cheer squad, mentor and confidante rolled into one groovy package. 
  • You wake up every day knowing you have someone on your side who is only a call away if you need them. 

It’s time NOW to get out of your own way.

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