So I wanted to share with you today, the four, four big blocks that are stopping you from being successful.

The first one is lack of clarity, lack of clarity around who you really are and your true vision that you have for your life.

Not a vision that people have told you is for you, one that is truly yours.

One that lights you up.

The second one is internal resistance.

So you have emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, you have conflicted values.

Releasing fear, shame and guilt from who you are and what you ant to create for your life.

Identifying beliefs that are not true and making new decisions about who you truly are.

The third one is self sabotage.

So you have habits that are holding you back automatic habits that you are not even aware of.

For example, when you’re supposed to be doing something, moving you towards your vision. You go and binge watch Netflix instead.

Finding your master habit and supporting habits and linking them into neural pathways to get you results faster.

The fourth one is also having zero accountability.

Not having anyone there to course correct. You guide you, remind you and to support you in moving forward on your vision.

Getting a coach to support you to see what you miss. To align your vision, clear the blocks, aling you to better habits and see what you can’t see in your current reality.

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