Are you a procrastinator who just really wants to take action on things, but just gets really stuck?

There’s a couple of things that you can look at to shift procrastination into action.

Now, the first thing could be that you’re just overwhelmed.

Whatever it is that you’re wanting to create, achieve, do has an action attached to it that  is just too big.

Now in the coaching world, we call that a chunk. So the chunk is too big.

So the easiest way to avoid procrastination and take action  is to break the task down into smaller chunks, smaller steps, break it all the way back down to the most simplest of steps to take.

For example: you’ve got a big report to write and it just feels way too big, it’s just like, Ugh. Break it down, break it down, break it down.

We want to get it to the most easiest, most simplest action that you can take to get yourself started.

As you reverse engineer it, you want to get down to a step as simple as turning on the computer, sitting at your desk.

Something so small and so easy that your brain goes, “That’s easy. I can do that”

And you’ll notice with that, that all of a sudden, all of the next steps to follow flow a lot easier.

Now, if you’ve broken down the chunk size and you’re still not taking action, and you’re still procrastinating, you’re still feeling overwhelmed, you’d rather be doing anything else than the task at hand: here’s something else to consider.

The task isn’t actually really aligned with who you are.

If it’s not lighting you up, if it’s not aligned to your values, if the task, the action that you wanna take, isn’t tied into something pleasurable, something that you love, something that’s exciting or something that when you take the action has a big reward at the end……

If it’s not aligned with who you are, you’re really gonna struggle to get it done.

So I always suggest, look at your values, the hidden values you shadow values:

  • Does it get you attention?
  • Does it leave you feeling validated by completing this task?
  • Does it give you feelings of control or superiority?
  • Does it make you money?
  • Does it feed your ambition?

Anything like that?

So break the task. Make it small, really easy, simple to do, align it with who you are and the things you wanna create that feel really good that feed your soul and chances are you’ll notice the procrastination easily becomes action.

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