The “tyranny of the or versus the genius of the and” conditioning, will have us believe that we can only have one of something.

That if there are two options placed in front of us, we have to choose. This is the tyranny of the or. You can have that or that, but you can’t have both.

I want to know who said, we can’t have both, where did that initially come from in your life?

Because when we are open to the genius of the and, which is, I can have that and that, or I can do that and that, or I can be that  and that, versus the tyranny of the or, I can only do that or that, we miss out on opportunities.

I want you to ask yourself, where did that belief come from?

Where were you first told that you were limited or where were you shamed for wanting to have more than one thing?

Or to be able to do two things, or to live in a state of abundance?

When potentially those around you were raised under that tyranny, the tyrannical or, you can’t have everything you are being greedy.

I want you to ask, where did that come from?

  • Is it a generational thing?
  • Is it a societal thing?
  • Is it something taught via school or church?

Whatever it is, especially when there is so much abundance out there, how is it impacting your life? 

How would things work for you or show up for you differently, if you embrace the genius of the and?

I can do that and that I can have that and that I can be that and that it even flows more nicely and feels so much nicer to say rather than, oh, I can have all that.

I want you to start really looking at ways for opening up to potential, possibility, abundance and receiving, because you can have that and that.

Next time you feel like you have to put the brakes on something, ask yourself, are you submitting to the tyranny of the or and then open yourself up to the genius of the and.

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