I met a guy when I was young and I went on a date with him.

It started out quite well, he was very charming, he picked me up and took me to a very nice restaurant.

He even pulled the chair out for me! Ooh-lala

I’ve always liked simple food and being on a date where you thought it might end with a good night kiss, I was very careful about what I ordered.

Stinky foods, foods that stick in teeth, food that wouldn’t have me looking like a guts hahaha.

But he wasn’t concerned and this is where the bad part of the date began.

I don’t like fish/fishy foods and I don’t like strange textured food. Food that has stong smells, no thanks.

I’ve always been like that so what did he order for entrée?

He ordered garlic prawns!

The BIIIIIIG ones.

I could smell them from across the table, it was so strong.

It was clear to me from that point on, he wasn’t getting a good night kiss.

Then the real bad started…

He offered me a taste.

I knew from the smell I’m wouldn’t enjoy it.

I knew I didn’t like fish, which I told him.

But he insisted.

“One mouthful, come on, if you’ve never had prawns you won’t know until you do”

This was a really nice restaurant by the way.

REALLY nice. Soft lighting, nice décor, room between the tables so you weren’t disturbed but other peoples conversations.

But after he insisted non-stop for five minutes I relented.

BIIIIIG mistake.

The texture alone made me feel like I was in a horror movie. (You know the ones, where they torture people and make them eat each others fingers to survive)

The tatse, which I already knew I would NOT enjoy kicked in my gag reflex uncontrollably.

All I wanted to do was vomit.

There was no way I was going to swallow that!

So I bought my beautiful linen napkin up to my mouth and spat the chewed up bit of prawn (well two chews I think is as far as I got) right on into it.

He was mortified.

I was too busy attempting to not vomit to pay him much attention at first.

After I stopped a dry retching and had a drink my wine, I saw his face and realised this would be our first and last date.

Awkwardly we continued to struggle on through the rest of the meal and I attempted to discreetly hide my napkin.

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

The drive home was quiet.

He didn’t walk me to the door. But that was no surprise.

Why am I sharing this?

There’s always a lesson.

Imagine in that moment, it was your potential client in front of you and you kept offering them something they didn’t want.

Eventually they might buy or in this case bite, but eventually you will drive them away.

Take the time to listen to what they are saying.

Yes, we get excited about what we have off on offer, but pay attention to what your client wants.

Sometimes we do know what’s best for them and sometimes they won’t take up on the offer and that’s okay too.

Pay attention and they won’t be asking for refunds (or spit your favourite programme or service back up in front of you, into a refund napkin! Hahahha what a visual right?)

Have you been on a date from hell?

Feel free to share your story.

And your lesson…..?