Who here has ever set a News Year resolution (or two or three) and then by February you’ve completely dropped it as possible?

I’m raising my hand as I am guilty of that.

I can see now that my goals were waaaay too big, had no logical progression in my mind, and as I had never achieved or lived those outcomes I was actually fighting my own sense of self-preservation unconsciously.

They were NEVER going to happen.

And I used to feel like a failure, so in the end, I stopped setting serious New Years’ resolutions.

In all honesty why wait till the end of the year, became my inner dialogue?

But having said that after a year like 2020 I am ready to put in place actions over the coming five years, that I know to support the bigger vision I have for my life and its impact.

And that’s the key to succeeding when it comes to your big vision, vision, and purpose creation.

Inspired action AND small steps that lead you to your big outcomes.

I know for many, the pressure itself is also a block to action.

So ask yourself who is this goal really for?

Does it serve my best interest?

Am I acting from needing to prove something to others or from a deep desire to call in or create the action/outcome for my life?

And be comfortable with it being in your best interest before anyone else.

Now let’s look at a goal.

If you have a goal of having financial freedom, going straight to 10 million dollars in the bank when you have never had it before, your brain goes into rejection mode.

It feels unsafe, it can’t see how you got there so it sabotages your efforts.

Millionaires who go bankrupt, because they have had millions in the bank before can recover faster because of previous knowledge and experience around large sums of cash.

But do not despair.

If you can image it, you can create it.

Seeing the steps to get you there is as follows:

Believe it to be yours.

Start where you’re at and take steps to get started: $1,000 step to $5,000 step to $20,000 and as the amounts grow for you be open to miracles, money arriving from expected and unexpected sources and then start to quantum leap to the multiple six then seven figures.

And while seeing it, feel it.

Feel the money, the safety, freedom and what ever that financial goal means to you as feeling adds energy.

Sitting and wishing and hoping, is not a strategy.

Only a small percentage of people can manifest big amounts easily at the start.

So why not give yourself every opportunity by using your brain and body to support the beginning of the journey!

~ Trudi xxx

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Give yourself every chance of success for 2021