For those of you that don’t know me you may be wondering who am I to tell you how to get back your  happiness?

I’m a life coach certified NLP practitioner done a whole heap of study around how the brain works, emotions, beliefs et cetera.

I have in the past taught the formula for happiness, but today I’m going to keep it really easy.

If you are unhappy, if you’re miserable, if you’re spending hours on social media, looking at your own life, going facts, his tip, stop the squirrel and the irony of sharing this message on social media.

It’s not lost on me, but here’s the tip. Stop the scroll.

We had this thing known as social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, all of the things

On average as human beings, might’ve got triggered around 200 times a day, watching the news, reading the newspaper conversations with friends, et cetera, or people around us or shitty bosses.

Anyway, however, we were triggered, it was minimized, but with the creation of social media and the need to keep us miserable.

So we buy more shit. 💰

We are constantly being triggered. The more time we spend on social media, the more we get triggered. So humanity isn’t isn’t actually going backwards or getting softer or more snowflakeish as the term that gets thrown around.

We are actually being deliberately triggered through marketing, by the corporations.

Being triggered to react more so we buy more. 🧐

So if you want to get back to back to your happiness, back to your happiness, back to your joy, back to feeling better about yourself, stop the scroll, my friends, stop the scroll.

And if you’re having trouble stopping this girl, that’s another part they want you addicted to this. But if you want to get happiness back, get off social media.

Yeah. Here I am. On social media telling you how to be happy.

The irony 😎

Just have a break from the scroll lovely, you will be invigorated!


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