Hello, Kings and Queens. It is Trudi here and today I have been celebrating turning 48.

I know time and numbers are a man-made construct, but you know what, why not celebrate another year around the sun?

Anyway, Kings and Queens today, I decided I wanted to share some wisdom from 48 years of being on this planet.

The first one I wanted to share was something that a mentor Clinton Swain taught me. celebrating

It was kind of there in all the NLP training and everything that I had previously done as well.

What I Focus On Expands.

Now you may or may not have heard this  little sentiment before.

It is all about how a part of your brain called the reticular activating system, the part  that processes information.

If you’re only focused on one thing, the way that the brain works, you can potentially miss a whole shit ton (that’s the term technical, term shit ton of good stuff.)

When I first got this, I was like, okay, great, I need to focus on moving forward, thinking of  ways to not be focused on the past.

Now, the more that I’ve moved into looking at the metaphysics and the energy of how we live and exist in this universe, it really reminds me to.

Not only just focus on it, but to feel it, to expand into it, to step and grow and to live in the moment of the wish fulfilled.

So the power of our belief before things actually happen and come true are such a real driver for me now behind this whole, what I focus on expands.

I love it when science and spirituality and the mystical and the magical and the logic and everything collide and come together. celebrating

So what I focused on expands was the first one that I really wanted to share.

This was a really big lesson for me to learn that it’s okay to love what you love and who you are.

And whatever lights you up.

Whatever brings you joy, do that express that, let it be a part of your life.Having been in business and around business owners and coaches and marketers over a decade, you are allowed to love the things that you love, enjoy the things that you do make time for them,

No matter how busy you are, make time for the things that you love.

Those are the things that fill your cup and energize you. Also there’s no pressure to take every single thing that you love or you are good at, and attempt to turn it into something that makes money.

That took me a little while to be okay.

Another lesson is to stop feeling like you have to carry the load on your own.

You don’t get brownie points for wearing yourself out, putting yourself in struggle town, feeling like you have to do every single thing yourself to be able to consider yourself a success.

I see a lot of posts out there. celebrating

I saw a post where a man was telling all these women that you can’t be a successful mother and have a career.

You have to choose.

That women are not here to be ambitious, to work and to create income. Women are only good if they’re married and looking after their family.

So if that is for you, if that’s the thing you desire and that you want more than anything in your life, go for it. I’m not detracting from that at all.

What I’ve had to process over time is being okay with the fact that that’s not what I want and being okay with what I do want.

  • I wanna be a globally known name.
  • I wanna make an impact.
  • I wanna support people to just release the shame, the guilt, the judgment that they have on themselves and their lives, and to live an amazing life.

And it’s taken me 48 years, you know, to get to that point where I will wear what I want. I like to feel sexy.

My next lesson.

Now, this one might be a little bit triggering because I understand that a lot of people are very in love with their religion and their idea of God. I do believe religion is designed to be controlling. celebrating

And I believe that you can love God without a church.

And for me, you know, and this is going back to the end of 2018, I was able to leave my religious trauma behind.

The God wound was healed.

Now you can believe in a traditional God that wants to send you to purgatory or put you in hell if you touch yourself the “incorrect way” Or if you have sex before marriage, this is what I mean about the controlling part that judges you for who you love or any of those kinds of things.

That’s your choice.

I support you to have that choice, but you can also choose to believe in a God that wants you to have every single thing that you desire in your life.

That gives you those thoughts of those desires because intrinsically you are worthy, that wants you to have an abundant life.

If you have a religious wound, if you have trauma around God, one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself (and that I think anyone who has any sort of trauma) can give themselves is clearing the guilt, shame, and judgment.

And if you choose to, to find a different way to view and love and be at peace with your beliefs around God.

You are the one common denominator in your life.

Put yourself first, always. Take responsibility for your choices and your actions.

You see, I never used to really take responsibility, for a long time. celebrating

I just felt life happened to me. And I just got carried along by the wave of that belief. This person did this or it was my fault.

I took a lot of blame for things that were not necessarily things I should have taken the blame for.

You are the one common denominator, so fill up your cup, and look after yourself. Because when you are full and rich and open and receiving, it gives everybody around you permission for themselves to receive and be abundant and be open and be joyful.

You are with yourself. Always give yourself the gift of doing what lights you are. Be aware of what you’re focusing on to heal, any religious trauma that you have, give yourself permission and always take radical responsibility.

Be it the place of cause not effect.

I wanna leave you with this. Not everyone is going to get you. Not everyone is going to believe in you.

They’re not all going to support you.

Learn to be okay with that because when you learn to be okay with that, you’ve learned how to be okay with who you are.

That’s for me an absolute pinnacle, an absolute sign that you’ve really stepped into that space of self love, self leadership.

Self-worth and that full embodiment of ALL of who you are.

You’ve taken those things that people have said that you should be ashamed of.

You’ve polished those things up and you’ve made them your strength, because there’s no judgment anymore.

You’re okay. celebrating

And to those who don’t support you….

Who don’t believe what you believe. Don’t get you. That’s OK, because YOU do.

YOU get you.

When you can say that you are on a powerful pathway forward to your ideal life.

I absolutely value each and every one of you. I love you so much for how you show up and the energy that you embody.

Thanks for the read….

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