So there’s a group of men out there that I don’t think get talked about enough.

There’s the, not all men, men who come and yell and rant and tell women they’re wrong when they’re talking about women’s stuff online.

And then there’s that group of men who are, you know, support. Identify as feminists, um, and, uh, happy to comment and in supportive ways and listen to what women have to say.

But there’s a group of men who say nothing.

I don’t ever feel like we have a talk about the silent men very often.

And I imagined that these men are not all men types with their not all men mates are not all men.

And when they are with their feminist mates, they’re feminist, right?

So there’s these, these men, these men. Yeah. And by silence in my mind, silence is when you’re agreeing with the oppressor. Right?

If you’re talking about

  • the pay gap
  • a women’s suffering under the male gaze (especially the first and how old we were when we first felt the male gaze( and you’d be amazed at how many women have felt it when they’re under 10 years of age.
  • When women talk about any form of abuse,
  • issues at work / harassment

They just stay silent.

They never show up online and support women in the comments as they get abused by other men.

They’re not active on any social media, potentially even their partners, social media when topics such as rape, mens violence against women and even now abortion rights are being discussed: they’re just silent.

And in my head, like I said before, If you are silent on something, you are siding with the oppressor.

So guys tell me why is so scared to speak up and support women?

What’s actually really going on for you?

We need your voice to fight with us.

Are you silent because you feel guilty?

You know, when women are talking about the male gaze and things that have happened, do you feel guilty because you have done that?

If you decide to do better, you can do better if you own your past shit, own it and support us now.

We’re okay with that, just stop being silent.

Show us some support and go into bat for us.

Cause silence, doesn’t help.