Sometimes compromise shows up cleverly disguised as opportunity.

If you have to change something about who you are, or you have to conceal something that you love about yourself.

Or if you have to kind of break yourself to reach some sort of impossible standard that somebody else is demanding of you, sweetheart, that’s not opportunity.

That’s compromise.

You should not have to compromise any part of who you are for an outcome.

You’ll actually be more successful and feel so much more better about yourself when you don’t.

I have had two occasion where, when I stepped back I realised I wasn’t being viewed as the prize.

That what was being presented as an opportunity for both parties was really skewed more to one side.

And not mine.

If you aren’t being seen as the prize it makes it easier for you to be:

  • Devalued
  • Offered less money
  • Put into a position of obligation
  • End up miserable and feeling frustrated

When you allow yourself to stay authentically true to who you are, even more can come your way.

Obligation and accepting less has a heavier energy than being a prize and it will show in your results.

Win = Win has no compromise: EVERYBODY WINS!

There are no feelings of less.

Of sacrifice.


With the events that really helped me stop into my prize energy, it first took awareness.

Where have you put others needs for their “thing” or “way” before your own best interest?

It’s ok if you have.

What we do if grant ourselves grace and make a commitment to not say yes when in fear based energy of potential loss.

By me saying no, I may not end up in front of a particular audience with my message.

That can feel like a loss if I let it.

But by me saying no, I also didnt end up doing something because I felt an obligation to make good on wishes and intentions from years ago.


This is a little bit cryptic.

The point is when someone comes to you with a opportunity BUT you have to hide, minimise or change something about who you are.

That’s not opportunity, its compromise.

And is that really who you are?


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