We all see those posts on the Internet that say, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

The Venn Diagram that says “list what you do on one side, list what you love on the other side and get them to meet in the middle”.


It all sounds fabulous but when you do the list and you attempt to meet in the middle you just can’t take the action to go out do the thing that will make you happy.

What lists fail to explain is that you’re not lazy, doing what you do know or not doing anything new at all really means two things.

  1. You’re safe where you’re at.
  2. Your values are already being met, even if it feels like you aren’t showing up to your full potential.

So, when you look at these things and go I should do more of that but you find you can’t get off the couch or you’re busy reading lots of self-help books or business books but not taking any action, in your mind your needs are already being met and as the brain wants to keep you safe, it doesn’t let you expand out into new anymore exciting things.

It distracts you.

It keeps you on the couch.

It says, before you go and do things you need to read another book…

Your brain tells you, you don’t actually need to go and do anything else.

So, before you stop beating yourself up and punishing yourself and calling yourself names, understand that you need a values shift not another motivational talk that leaves you feeling pepped up for a few days but doesn’t actually create a lasting change for you.

So, if part of your brain is saying you want more let’s work together to get you where you know you really want to go.

Which is off the couch, taking NEW action and truly living a life you love, not just looking at a diagram thinking I wish.

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