It takes a special kind of lady to say she needs help.

You see most women have been raised with the belief that struggle and sacrifice needs to occur to prove worthiness.

That to be the last to receive has meaning for those receive before you. What it does is teach them that you are not worthy of being placed first.

We learn from our mothers, fathers, teachers, the previous generation and things can become so deeply embedded in each generation we can’t see whats in front of us.

We just accept it as what it is, how it has alway been.

I used to think this way too…

I broke myself into thousands of pieces, just to please others and was always left feeling empty and used.

It doesn’t nee to be this way.

You can have a wonderful life for yourself AND for those around you.

There is no either, or here.

You can have both!!

You’ve been friends with me for awhile now.

You’ve seen my ups and downs, heard of my struggles and you have also witnessed how I have overcome them.

I haven’t done it alone and you do not need to either.

Support is the difference between those that reach their dreams and go beyond what they dared hope for…..

……and those who stay small.

If you don’t have dreams and you’re living your dreams, I salute you.

But if you are not and you struggle and you are ready to say you want more.


Olympians become Olympians BECAUSE they have help.

You’re committed, dedicated and now you’re ready for unparalleled support.

I’ve got you. #strong

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