I shared this on my business page, and it’s important so I’m sharing this here.

How am I still here when so many others don’t make it through the darkness? #triggerwarning #mentalhealthawareness #depression #suicide

I want to discuss the power of having a purpose in your life, admitting to what you truly desire, and how it saved my life.

It starts back to when I was a child, so parents may also be of particular interest to you.

For those who don’t know me that well, I experienced trauma, had an absent father, didn’t fit in at school, and always felt like an outsider.

You may have also experienced these things, I’m just like you.

I remember wishing I was dead as a child.

I was angry, I didn’t understand “what was wrong with me” (I now know there was nothing wrong with me) and why God had forsaken me when I wanted to love him and be a good girl for him. (my catholic priest shamed me often, so much so I quit my faith)

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I spent a lot of time reading, or alone playing by myself. We had no tablets or consoles back then. The consoles that were available, my mum couldn’t afford to buy.

I was ok with that, a console wasn’t something I wanted, but I wanted to compare now to then.

And that is one of the reasons I am still here.

I spent so much time in my imagination. The books would come alive in my mind, characters became friends and they most certainly didn’t call me names.

In those times, climbing trees, jumping the rake pretending it was a horse jump and it was the Olympics, they created possibility.

I was able to imagine and dream of being an actress on television, a teacher, a writer of stories, a person that helped other people to be happy.

(Seeing a theme yet?)

So even in the sad days, the seeds were able to be planted.

In my mind, I was fabulous, famous, and adored by the world.

It felt good, really good, magical, and like it was so real that one day it would happen.

Those childhood dreams, cemented in my mind (this is important) NEVER really left me.

Part of me always knew I was here for something bigger than my current existence.

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So, in the dark days, there was always a tiny seed inside me that when I was able to lift the veil of darkness from eyes after hitting absolute rock bottom, even if I didn’t consciously think it, granted me the grace of hope.

Of something beyond the now, the shame, the rage, and the despair, TO KEEP GOING.

Death was NOT my only option, even when it appeared like it was.

Why am I sharing this?

Two things…


Parents, please foster in your children the belief that dreams can come true. Encourage your kids to daydream, to dare to think of magical options for their futures.

Find ways to develop a healthy self-esteem (which I know you’re doing) as well as encouraging them to dream about what THEY think their future can be. (Even if you don’t think its achievable)

Stop telling your children what you think they can or can’t do based on your own experiences.

I was so lucky my mum always told me I could be anything I wanted.

Out of seeds of dreams, so many possibilities are created.

One day their life may depend on it.


If you never had that magic as a child and you want it now, it’s NOT too late.

If you can think it, you can have it.

We just get taught to put things in our way and to be fixated on how it can show up.

I may not be an actress, but I am still featured on TV.

I don’t teach in schools, but I still teach.

I may not be an author (yet) but my words move people to action and inspiration.

I help people be happy, even if I’m not a psychiatrist (I’ll share that story another day).

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash


Please give yourself permission to speak the words of what you desire.

I finally told one of my mentors what I truly desired, my own TV segment or show on National Television.

And he didn’t laugh.

Or roll his eyes.

Or tell me that it was too late for me.

Because it isn’t.

And it isn’t too late for you.

I haven’t done this alone and you don’t have to either.

This is why I am offering a complete and partial scholarships to work with me 1:1 on your dreams.

To be able to face any darkness in your life with a smile and determination to keep going.

That giving up, even when it feels like the only option, that it isn’t and you keep going.

I’ve walked the path.

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