Ten days ago I started the perilous and stretching journey of changing my CRM (customer relationship manger) software over from Infusionsoft (or Confusionsoft as I sometimes affectionally call it) to Convertkit.
To change to Convertkit, I have had to export my list from IS to CK. If given a choice I would have preferred to walk on hot coals but my business needed this change to happen so I took the step.

First time I messed up and then had to delete and start again.

Yes there was some cursing… actually there was cursing and eating of chocolate.

The second time I hadn’t set up all the sign up offers in CK to tag you in CK. (Tags are what is used to show you who signed up for what etc in your CRM. They also show up as groups of people when you search them in one easy touch of the button if required)

Arghhhh (can you hear the throaty gurgling sound that was coming out of my throat as I realised my error?)

I could delete AGAIN, go back and set up tags, re-import the list, see if that worked with matching up tags and hope for the best….


The newer people on the list I could manually tag.

I made the time smart decision to start fresh and put you all in the one tag of newsletter. The retagging can be a nice late afternoon activity while I drink tea and eat cake.

So that will happen in a month maybe. >.< Learning NOTE: use tags and ask for help if you ever have to export so you don’t need to manually tag each subscriber with old tags. Convertkit was easy to connect with WordPress where my website is. Only one hiccup over all. The software Optinskin that, when people sign up for my free stuff or the newsletter isn’t compatible with CK. I can either get a developer in to write code or the CK support team can help make up something in CK that works the same. So thats till under repair/advice at this stage. I have two weeks to get it sorted and then go back through all my old sign ups and change them over too. NO PRESSURE! Learning NOTE: This could potentially derail sign ups and opt ins, do you stop everything until it’s fixed or do a work around? I choose work around. (This will make sense when you get to the end of newsletter) So CK set up is more than halfway there! YAY I am celebrating. (Incase you’re wondering why I am changing, I have been sharing I.S with my former business partner and I.S, while amazing, it has so many features that I won’t use and a $300pm price tag. CK is $40 and while isn’t as flexible in some areas, it does the job I need. If you’re starting out this could be a great option) Convertkit -> WordPress -> Optimise Press -> Eway so far so good, 70% complete.

And because I love my tech so much nd it wouldn’t be a Tech-Tacluar Extravaganza if I was only doing one techie thing I started another!

Yes that’s right, I am either going mad or I am inspired! (I’ll let you decide)

I am also in the process of setting up The Creative Brain in Thinkific.

Thinkific is a new and super cool platform for people to set up all their online courses for people to purchase of go get the cool free things from. (Mine will have both and The Creative Brain is going to be my online learning portal, I’ll share some more with you next week about that)

Thinkific needs to talk to Convertkit: check!

Thinkific doesn’t integrate with my payment gateway so I had to set up Stripe: check!

Thinkific is now almost ready to be launched with programmes on it; One more week is the deadline I have set so almost check!

Deeeeeep breathe Sparkles, you got this!

If you’ve read this far and wondering why I have shared this, firstly thank you for sticking around. There are a few reasons.

The newsletters I’m now sending out, look different. It’s still me!

I haven’t figured out how to schedule their delivery time so at this stage of the tech-tacluar change over, they won’t consistently hit your inbox at Monday morning 9.30am.

Soz. I’ll get there.

I also wanted you to start getting some insight into what’s available if you’re ready to start walking the path of tech.

I know a lady who registered for I.S. It wasn’t what she needed and was a big cost to her start up. She is now paying $300 a month and a big part of that could have been used for marketing.

The system supports you to make money but it isn’t the thing that makes it.

Tech can be the thing that stops people from taking action and moving forward. Please don’t let that be you. Ask for help!

Tech could be the thing that stops me from sharing a freebie with you. But it’s not going to be, imperfect action outdoes waiting for the perfect moment.

I wrote a little ebook called “Whats Really Stopping You”

You can sign up for it here: What’s Really Stopping You (give it a click)


When you sign up the download link won’t hit your inbox til the following day. (I’m waiting for support to help me fix that)

The competition page won’t tell me if you’ve entered yet. If you want to be eligible for a prize, email me the answer and your phone number so I can call you to tell you what you have won. (I’m getting help in adding in an additional form to capture that information)

I could have waited week for it to be perfect but that’s not practicing what I preach.

Take the action.

Tech is our friend, even when it’s not working perfectly.

Just love it and ask for help to getting it doing what you need to do.

Have a great week x