There they are, your amazing ideal clients and they love your stuff.

They’re engaged, sharing and really digging your message.

And then someone posts on your page, I think what you’re saying is wrong and then they bring someone else across for the attack.

Or maybe it’s an email.

Or a private message.

You’re not sure whats bought this on as you’re just out there sharing your message to the world and looking to find like-minded people to connect with.

What’s with the haters?

People don’t have to agree but seriously….

Welcome to the world of The Anti-Niche Monster.

Many people get scared of the thought of online haters, arguers, people that come and tell them that they are wrong and disrupt the love on their page and posts.

What if I told you the Anti-Niche Monster is a good thing?

It shows that you are standing up for something and that you are getting noticed.

Having the contrast is actually positive.

Beige and bland disappears online.

How do you battle this hateful angry monster though?

The first impulse can be to block and delete the comments. I’ve been there and done and that and sometimes its necessary to go to those measures.


What if you could harness that evil bitch and use the words for good? (Or for engagement on your page or ads at least.)

Take what they are saying and flip it to show your expertise?

After all you know your stuff.

When you have niched well and you have a band of loyal followers what generally happens is that you may not even need to be the first responder.

People who love your work and you have connected with and built a relationship with are very quick to defend online. You are an extension of them and an attack on you is like they are personally being attacked too.

This also gives you a good indication of who isn’t a good fit for your work. You may find people you thought aligned with your message are backing the hater.

That’s good.

You get a clear indication of who not to work with in the future.

If it gets out of line and degenerates, screen shot that puppy and then block and delete.

It’s good to have a record of conversation

First stance in my mind it to educate and give the hater the opportunity to learn something and if they aren’t up for being educated then let them be the contrast that cements your fans love for you.

Deal with them from a place of thoughtful action (if your first impulse is to bang out a hasty reply on the keyboard you’re being reactive and very little good comes from that)

Take the time to consider your response and then type.

An anti-niche is a good thing.

I recently figured out that in finding my space and the direction for my work, I have become someones anti-niche.

I’m really pleased.

Not because I want to go into battle with them or don’t respect what they do. What it means is I have found MY voice and MY message, and while in contrast to theirs, it’s being heard.

My niche is finding me and the message is being heard loud and clear.

Love your anti-niche monster and you’ll find over time, they aren’t scary at all.

You’ve stepped up and you own the conversation.

And your niche will love you more.