Is there a space for magic and a space for belief in the unknown when we live in a world full of technology and science and the need for proof?


As a child I believed in the traditional catholic god, ruled by fear and shame until after family loss I denounced that god in a fit of childhood rage and pain.


I turned into a practical, must see it with my own eyes person.


If I couldn’t “see it” (like God) it was not to be an accepted part of my life.


A very simplistic view, one that was going to have trouble holding up as I grew into an adult.


Life threw lots of different experiences my way, some that couldn’t be proved with my own eyes and some that needed a belief in magic.


I was challenged.


I hated the hippie free spirits but I never felt I was the intellectual equal of the science types.


I began a journey that I didn’t even realise I was on.


Where was the space for magic in a practical driven world?


It wasn’t in the drug scene dancing all night in clubs on a chemical high.


While I did learn a lot about myself through that experience, I got no answers for this question.


I worked in photo labs and technology, I went and became a reiki master.


I studied coaching and learnt about the brain and saw how science and the woo woo actually worked side by side.

I see three different spaces for spirituality in business and general living that I have traveled through in my life.


One: None at all


Two: The lets manifest stuff and do no work to make it happen.


Three: A mix of practical dare I say science based spirituality but also the attitude of go out and make it happen


Where do you sit in that?


After years of rejecting the spiritual in my life I have come to a nice space in the middle.


You can focus and visualise but the key thing is to still take action.


I love science and I love having a science based reason behind why certain things, like manifestation actually occur.


I first watched The Secret when I first got onto personal development. This idea of wishing for what you wanted sounded cool, like if you just hoped enough it would happen.


What the movie missed, in my experience was the need to take action.


It also missed how taking action (the science part) actually helped you create the life you wanted.


When I then learned about the RAS and the missed message of The Secret became clear.


The umm RAS Trudi? Sounds like a flavour of an icy pole.


We have filters in our minds that delete, distort and generalize what we see so we can make sense of it all. That’s why three people can see the same event but see it completely differently, as it depends on how our brains are wired.


(Our brain gets so much information thrown at it every second that if we tried to process it all we would fry our brains.)


We actually only process 7 +-2 chunks of information per second, that is only 134 bits per chunk out of two million so as this shows it isn’t much.


If we let our brain know what we want to have, be or do in our lives it will be looking for those things out of the two million bits so we are more likely to bring it into our lives


What we focus on expands is a distinction I teach all my clients.


It also showed me that my previous behaviours of do the work, wasn’t misplaced after all. (I was quite often told I had to slow down I worked too hard and its only now after years of feeling guilty for working, that I am getting back into the swing of things again)


When you focus on what you want and take action, you get results.


Now this may read like it is purely science.


I also explored mediation, visualisation, finding peace with the idea of a higher being and what energy really meant to my life.


How our emotion, which is attached to the cells in our body actually influences results.


So much cool science based woo woo!




Being open to the love and compassion that spiritual people shared but also staying in a space where I was practical enough to ask for what I wanted in life and to take action to create it has made all the difference in my results.


Do the meditation, embrace the energy, the shadow, your guides and use them to focus your mind to propel you towards what you want.


Practically Spiritual works for me: love, focus and action!


What works for you?