Theres nothing more disappointing than not getting what you expected. Not enough or even too much can leave you feeling let down.


When it comes to making content manageable and digestible, size really does matter.

The problem is when people start out creating content it is a common practice to want to give the clients all of the things all at once.


It’s overwhelming, even though it is done with the best of intentions.


Chunking is something that not only happens in content creation but is also a tool in coaching people in mindset.


Get the problem in the correct sized chunk and it makes it easier for people to deal with it, understand it or step out of it. (It depends on how big or small the chunk itself is)


So who do we get the chunks right?


That is a great question.


Imagine you are going to your favourite restaurant.


You order your meal, it’s exactly what you have wanted to experience.


The flavours are balanced, the fork puts the perfect bite size piece, one piece at a time into your mouth and you can chew it easily.


It’s the perfect size and you enjoy it.


It gives you just what you need and your body digests it comfortably.


There’s no feeling of having to recognise too many flavours or over eat to clear your plate. (How many of us grew up being told to clear out plates, as there were starving kids in Africa that would love our food. Get some “must get value or I’m a bad person” guilt much?)


Also if the plate isn’t over filled with too many different things, you can truly appreciate what’s in front of you.


Just like in the restaurant, people like to be able to have bite-sized pieces of information to digest.


It gives them the information in a way that they can appreciate and absorb.


There’s no overflowing plate when content is done correctly.


The client gets the lesson they need.


They don’t end up with a tummy ache and they complete the course feeling satisfied.


A great indicator that you have a good chunk size is it has one key ingredient (or outcome) for the client to learn at that point.


Like any meal, there’s also a flow.


Entrée: a small starter to whet the appetite


Main Meal: The crux of the dining experience, this is what they have really come for.


The dessert: That final sweet part of the over all visit to the restaurant.


Or in content creation and marketing speak.


The freebie (entrée)


The online course (main meal)


The outcome (dessert)


Like a quality three course meal, there’s not too much on the plate and they can get the main flavour with the accompanying hints included.


When serving up the dish that is your content, make sure it tastes good.


Every single bite.