If you’re not taking action, is it because of the little voice in your head?


It’s something we all do. Tell ourselves that someone isn’t quite ready, it’s not perfect.  Even in the creation of this video, that little voice wanted to tell me my hair wasn’t nice enough, and the lighting needed to be tweaked.


Perfectionism holds us back. It gets in the way of opportunities.


It eats our time and time is something that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!


If youre too slow to get your offers out to the market, someone will beat you to it. an opportunity is missed because of an internal voice in your head.


It’s a cheeky minx that is a distractor and hides us from what we really need to recognise to keep us moving forward.


If you’re ever feeling stuck or telling yourself you need to do one more review/edit or tweak before you take the next step…

Ask yourself this question….


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