Are you feeling like you’ve lost out in a space of generosity, but that’s all that you’re focusing on?

Here’s a little tool on how to shift from the focus of loss into the space of gain.

Quite often you give to people, you might work on a project where you’ve been helping people out and you put your things aside.

The project is completed, the favor performed and when it is all done, its done and everyone moves on with their lives.

It’s almost like they got what they needed from you and then forgot about you.

There’s not been what you feel is a great demonstration of appreciation for your actions and support and that’s all you can focus on.

You think about what could have been in your world if you had focused more on that.  You might be focusing on what you’ve lost out on in helping someone else, or  what you might feel that you’ve missed out on.

That’s quite natural.

That’s called being human, but staying in that space lowers your energy, wears you out and stops you from moving forward and really moving into possibility and gain.

You get resentful.

We want to shift into possibility and gain energy thinking process, because it opens more things up for you in your life.

So what do we do?

We start reflecting back on the situations where we felt there was loss or sacrifice or struggle. And we think ultimately, what did I gain from this situation?

And when you stop and you look and you really reflect, there is always something of benefit.

It could be a hard earned lesson, but it’s still a gain.

It could be, there was a financial gain that allowed you to get something that short term has supported you and helped you on your pathway forward.

So wherever it is, you feel there is loss, sacrifice, anything like that: stop and sit in the space of appreciation.

Open up your heart and mind to wisdom. 

  • What did you learn?
  • What will you not allow to occur again?
  • Was there a short or long term gain that you may not have previously realised.
  • Did you still gain experience otherwise not able to have been learned?

That will put you back in that energy, in that space show appreciation for whatever it is.

And it could be just the tiniest, tiniest, tiniest little thing.

And that’s okay. Because this is where growth is found. Being able to reflect, back release, gather wisdom and find peace in ANY situation.

Be in a space of appreciation, learn and move on, learn on and grow. Even where there’s the perception of loss. When you look at it with love, appreciation, and with an open heart, you will definitely see the gain.

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