Are you facing overwhelm, exhaustion, the real possibility of burnout and breakdown?

Have you considered the power of systems in your life to remove all of the above?

I’ve made no secret that June and July 2022 has seen me with a few challenges in my life.

I let myself get dangerously close to burnout. (right now I’m in bed preparing this article for you so I can rest some more after it’s done)

We strive, do all of the things, then we get tired and we get burned out. (And cranky if you’re like me!)

Why is that?

I believe it happens for this reason: we’re going into overwhelm because we stop following systems and processes in our lives.

We start loading too many things into our day.

We sacrifice rest to get these things done.

We look at everybody else on social media showing us how fabulous their life is and then we start to compare our own lives.

And we get distressed trying to live up to peoples highlight reels, without acknowledging what is potentially going on in the background of their lives.

Can you relate?

So here’s some tips and demonstrations of how a system can make life better.

I had started to hustle.

Adding way too many things on my to do list each day, it was just physically impossible to get all completed.

It left me frustrated and unable to wind down at the end of the day. I had too many things on my mind.

And some of those things didn’t need to be on my mind at all.

I had gotten into “busy for the sake of it” mode.

I wasn’t focusing on the key things, I was focusing on ALL OF THE THINGS!

Details that didn’t matter.

I stopped following my own system.

So I’m going back to I know what works and I wanna share that with you today.

Five things a day.

Yep that’s it! I put five things a day onto my to-do list and that is all.

  • I allocate a set amount of time for each task and when it’s done it’s done.
  • I have the satisfaction of completing a to do list which allows my brain to rest at the end of the day knowing everything is done.
  • If the task I allocate a time to is longer than 20 minutes I then break down the time into 20 minute chunks for each task until each task is completed. (It’s called a Pomodoro technique. Google it, it’s cool.)

I just wanna remind you that you’re a human being not a human doing.

I’m seeing so many people saying they feel burnt out and exhausted.

And I’m one of them.

So test this out and let me know how you go.

If you have any questions about how to implement a system into your life that will help you achieve your goals, complete tasks AND give you the feeling of satisfaction by getting things done without the overwhelm in the burn out, email me here:

Sending you so much love and energy and good vibes for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

I’ve also included below my system for coaching.

Even my coaching has a process to it.

This makes sure the goals are completed, and no one ends up being out frazzled or frustrated in the coaching process.

We work on 4 levels.

  • Mind
  • Emotion
  • Physical
  • Metaphysical

It’s the whole human approach.


I have space for new clients to start.

  • We will set a starting goal.
  • I’ll take you through a system that:
  • Removes energy blocks
  • Balances your nervous system
  • Addresses your hidden value needs
  • Creates a powerful life vision
  • Sets you up for success.

So if you’re interested in learning about my system for coaching and transforming lives and you know that you’re ready for one-on-one personalize support to get you from where you currently are to where you want to go: email and I’ll send you a link so you can book in a time and we can have a talk.