There are a lot of untruths about mothers out there. So today I want to talk about the lies told to mothers.

While I’m not a mother, I work with a lot of mothers. One of my friends on Facebook today posted that she had decided that she was going to let her daughter go and leave with a dad.

The daughter wanted to go. And the mother confessed her mental health had been really struggling later lately, so she agreed to let her go.

But she had to put in the comments: please don’t judge me. Please don’t come at me. Please.

Don’t be mean to me about my decision.

The lies told to mothers about motherhood being only able to be lived and experienced in a certain way where mothers have to give up their identity, give up their own mental health for their child.

It’s bullshit. Now we don’t have the communities to help with raising children. Like we used to, those are longer.

But the myth that motherhood is all encompassing and all sacrificing that has to go.

That myth honestly, perpetuated by a patriarchal system in slaving women into motherhood.

While affording men the comfort to be able to go out, build their careers, build their finances, have a life outside of parenthood, but all the titles of being a dad.

Those systems. We have to start supporting women that those systems are outdated. Otherwise the patriarchy is never going to be bought down. So stop shaming mothers for how they decide best to raise their children.

Mothers won’t have to preface posts with, please don’t judge me, please.

When they sharing that they’ve made a decision for their.

Here’s a pro tip. If you don’t agree with the mother, just scroll on by.

Not everyone has the same values and beliefs as you and that’s okay. Chances are, they might not agree with how you mother!

So ladies and gentlemen, anyone’s watching/reading this: stop shaming mothers.

So then they have to stop apologizing and living in fear of being punished for having to take steps within their own family and for their own mental health, with how they raised their children.


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