This is something that I’ve been wanting to say for a little while, why I eye roll the whole Freedom Fighters of The Pandemic Movement.

Freedom Fighters of the Pandemic aren’t going to like it.

If you only now care about body autonomy, because you’re facing having to get a mandated vaccination, you’re not a freedom fighter.

If you only are worried about a cashless society, because you want to do a little cash deal here and there…

Or you’re only worried now about what’s happening in politics with the corruption, and because you’re worried that you’re going to lose something….

I gotta break it to you bluntly buddy.

You’re not a freedom fighter.

You’re a selfish pratt who has not been paying attention.

If you cared about body autonomy, that would include women’s reproductive rights. Not just getting a needle now.

Your concerns about the health of humanity? It would include the people of indigenous cultures and minorities.

It would include concerns about the unemployed people that are already being put on the cashless card.

You’d be up in arms about that already because you care about people other than yourself.

Plus you would have been noticing for the last decade how the government has been slowly, slowly, slowly chipping away at our rights. 

But no, you haven’t been paying attention, because it hasn’t impacted you directly.

But now that shit is impacting you directly, all of a sudden, you’re this woke being, and you’re a freedom fighter.

You are the thing that you’re accusing other people of being.

You’re afraid and you’re projecting that out.

You’re not a freedom fighter. You not woke. You are selfish.

Look beyond your own individual circumstances, give a shit about other people. And then you can call yourself a freedom fighter and if you can’t do that.

You’re just selfish.

Check your self and open your mind up to more than yourself.

This is what will change the world.

Speak up for the voiceless, they need you. Then I’ll stop the eye-roll and pay you some attention.

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