Here to remind you, just because somebody’s family, blood relation, sibling, parent, cousin, whoever.

Just because somebody is family does not mean you can’t have boundaries.

If somebody in your family does not allow you the space to be yourself or feel good or being around them. They trigger stress or anxiety, you are under no obligation to put up with that shite, none at all.

Put your boundaries in if you don’t want to be around them.

If there are situations where you feel you need to be in the same room, put in boundaries.

Explain to other people there, your desire to not have to converse with the individual. If they dont support that, don’t go.

You are under obligation to talk to them, to hang out with them, to smile politely and pretend that everything’s okay just because they’re “family”.

You do what’s best for you in these situations. Even if that means not going.

Always, always, always put yourself first because family doesn’t mean you can’t have boundaries.

Just the thought for the day, my friends.


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