It’s all about the intention behind it.

I am a feminist, and I am quite happy to announce that to the world. I’m also an artistic nude, fashion, fitness, activewear and fantasy model.

The two things don’t seem like they go together, right?

I get it may be confusing.

How can I say I’m a feminist, support womens rights, but also have my naked body available to be viewed online on my Only Fans profile?

Feminism is about womens rights to choose, to be equal and have body autonomy amongst other things.

This is why I am also pro-choice but that’s a blog for another day.

As I said at the start it’s all about the intention, combined with what feminism means to me and what modelling means to me.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I have always loved posing in front of the camera.

Ever since I was a little girl every time the camera was pulled out, I would put on a smile, put on a pose and excitedly wait to see the resulting pictures. This was back in the day of negatives and waiting weeks for pictures to be processed.

As I grew older, I started doing paid modelling work here and there, but mainly it was for fun and for expression.

It was for sharing my joy in who I was, and how I could make other people feel in that moment.

I was a photographic muse at 16 years of age.

We did images of my in my debutante ball gown in the cemetery, cute pics down by the river and fashion pics in church bell towers.

I had a creative outlet, to use my body to crate stories and I always loved to write.

Modelling was an extension of that.

I had a photo of me win an award at the Melbourne Show.

I helped show beginner photographers how to pose models.

I loved it!

Something you wouldn’t know is I didn’t actually start modelling nude until I was 45.

I know right!

I simply lacked the confidence I myself and I had fear and shame to overcome from the abuse I had experienced at mens hands growing up.

I had felt objectified for so long, and a target of mens eyes, showing my skin was a terrifying ordeal.

It was like I expected to be hurt again. Quite a natural experience for someone who has experienced trauma of a sexual nature.

But once I did and once, I realised I was now safe and in control of my body and my life, everything transformed for me.

I remembered who I always was.


A feminine, expressive, cherished women.

So what is this got to do with feminism?

Some might say that having your photos available on only fans for people to subscribe to and to be able to view has some sort of form of prostitution. It’s a sell-out, a pandering to mans desire to look at womens bodies.

Some sort of disrespecting of myself.

I disagree.

For years and here’s where feminism comes, in men have seen women’s body as a freely available commodity that they can use and explore and view on whim.

The most they’ll pay is for a Playboy magazine.

If they buy you dinner, some sort of sexual favour is an expected return.

Naked women, semi naked women in magazines, their images being used to sell products. I find it particularly disturbing that many have women’s heads cut off, reducing us to parts for pleasure, not a whole human being.

So I’ve decided to reclaim my body, my whole self, my expression and if people want to enjoy that they can invest.

They can invest.

They can invest their money, as they no longer getting it for free. (Like many men feel, it’s their God-given right.)

And yes, whether it is conscious or not, men do believe it is.

Look at how many women get raped and assaulted by men who believe it is their right to take what they want. As a survivor of sexual abuse and assault by men, there is still much entitlement felt by men over womens bodies.

Look at how groups of angry men target ASMIR women and get their accounts shut down for fun.

But I digress…..

You may or may not agree with this and that’s OK.

How I choose to show up in the reclamation of my body, my sensuality, my sexuality and my experience of how I choose to show up and share my energy and my joy, is MINE.

This includes my Only Fans profile.

It’s very tasteful, conversational, fun and that my intention with it. An expression of joy, mutual respect and an income stream.

It’s not porn and there’s no dildos or vibrators. As I choose it to be that way. If I decide otherwise, once again that is my choice.

As is the choice of all women who do have an Only Fans profile.

And if you want to subscribe to my Only Fans profile, you can so here: