So many people are afraid of being “seen” online and believe it or not I had my own stuff to work through and get past to be where I am today.

Here’s my story, which I shared in a FB group that I am in today.
I think many will relate to my story today.

I didn’t have very many consistent friends in primary school, I would have a friend for awhile an then they would move onto other better friends.

Even in high school I was a fringe dweller. Able to move between groups but usually hanging out with the nerds. (I was runner up in our high school chess tournament in year 9 lol.)

I was the weird one, a mix of pretty, sporty, nerdy, school band and teachers pet but also the one that would surprise people with acts of rebellion.

I read too many books, and my humour was mature as I grew up way to fast due to life experiences, so kids in my class didn’t “get” it or me.

I wrote stories beyond my years and lived most of the time in far away places in my imagination. Books were my friend. They never told me I was anything, they let me just be.

I was super smart and always won awards but these awards, both in primary school and high where always met with hostility from my peers, shaming with comments like “you only got that because you’re poor” or “what’s so special about her?” when I won awards for performance in high school.

For a long time standing out and shining was also connected to shaming, pain and humiliation.

Even in my clubbing days I was disliked because I was a good dancer by the girls and standing out bought me the wrong attentions of the males.

Showing up online was a bigger stretch than I realised at first.

There were fun times like doing videos of lip syncing, and crazy selfies and sharing pictures of my cats.

There was also the negative times of being told to keep my opinion to myself because certain people would get pissed off. Getting trolled and sealioned.

I totally get the fears we may have about showing up and being seen online.

May I add, pushing past that has allowed me to connect with amazing clients I now call friends, to work in a business that I am 100% passionate about and committed to and to not work 80hrs a week for big biz that only cares about profits and doesn’t care about the people making it happen.

It’s been a process to trust mentors again and to trust that there are people out there that do want you to succeed.

Trust… I trust now more than I think I ever had. If you’re stuck with the showing up and moving past whats stopping you, PM me, lets chat.