I wanted to talk about what we’re actually doing when we’re buying all of the things when we’re sad, frustrated, bored or not feeling right.


We are actually hurting our happiness.

We do live in a very consumer-driven world. (If you haven’t watched century of the self, and you want to learn more about capitalism and how it was very consciously created by governments, I do suggest you jump on YouTube and check that out.)

Stop shopping and start feeling. If you are shopping when you are feeling sad, frustrated, angry, what you’re actually doing is creating spikes in your nervous system.

Now, in the happiness formula, 50% of your happiness is cellular, 40% of your happiness is the conscious choices and actions that you take daily will build your happiness, and buying things is 10% of your happiness.

This tells us two things.

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It’s not that important when you’re wanting to really work on building up your happiness to keep buying things.

It’s only a small percentage of what’s going to bring you joy.

But what it actually does is, you get this thrill right, you get a buzz you bought the thing, right? Yeah, I got the thing.

I got the new dress, or I bought the new shoes, or I went and bought the fancy accessory for the car or whatever it is, right?

And you feel good, right?

You’ve made a purchase.

But what happens is your nervous systems will spike up, going yay happy.

And that happiness will last to no more than three days on average.

Scientists have studied this.

So yeah, happy, happy and then you have the crash.


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But what happens if you spike your nervous system and you’ve gone out of what your nervous system considers its sort of regular bandwidth.

To bring you back to balance, to that state of homeostasis, your nervous system will take you from up here and it will drop you down lower than your regular balance point, and then you will come back in balance.


You end up feeling worse off than before the shopping!

Shopping isn’t actually the answer because of the spikes you get.

After the buzz is worn off, you’re gonna feel bad, that’s when the guilt kicks in.

  • I shouldn’t have bought it, I didn’t really need it.
  • Maybe I should return it.
  • Maybe I have to hide the fact that I bought another pair of shoes from my husband, or whatever.

So, the joy of the shop gets replaced with the shame and the guilt, and the judgment around the shop.

When you are shopping, there are two things I really want you to be aware of here, when we were looking at our happiness, right?

Are you shopping to feed an emotional need, is there another gap, is this something that you’re blocking, that you’re not looking at that you’re resisting?

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Acknowledging that the shopping replacing a feeling or a need helps you grow, stop the spike and save some money!

We all do it, that’s being human-like I would be lying if I hadn’t told you that I’d gone shopping when I was unhappy to feel better.

But it’s actually our nervous system out sometimes.

The more you push down the block and refuse to acknowledge what’s really going on is like the beach ball under the water.

You push, push, push, and eventually, it’s going to pop out and it’s still going to need to be dealt with anyway. Like feelings!

But if you decide that you’re still going shopping anyway, I want you to think about the spiritual law of circulation, right?

And when you do that shopping, have a bit of a different perspective around it, maybe acknowledge that, yeah, okay. There’s something I’m shopping for, I feel better because of something that’s okay.

But what I’m going to do is, I’m going to use the spiritual law of circulation, and I’m going to acknowledge that by circulating this money out, doing it in a very consciously chosen state of joy, happiness, gratitude, and appreciation.

(Because when you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation, that is the same vibrational, very similar vibration that your cells vibrate at when they are in a state of homeostasis).

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That means you’re going to have less chance of spiking your nervous system, and then getting the shopping crash.

When you do it in a state of appreciation, gratitude, and joy, what you have been energetically putting out will come back to you threefold.

So, the two things with shopping:

  • Be very aware of why you’re shopping.

If you are shopping because the things you need, awesome, be grateful for it, be appreciative that you have the money that you can pay for it, that you are getting nice things

  • Then keep in mind the spiritual law of circulation, which then when shopping from the right space and the right energy, will allow the vibration of what you’ve invested to come back to you.

Now it may not come back as cash, it may come back as gifts, it may come back as an acknowledgment, this is the beauty of the law of circulation right.

Work with your physical body so your body and nervous system stay chilled.

See the spiritual side, so the law of circulation can take away the guilt from shopping and allow when you do go shopping to be a beautiful joyful moment, or when you choose to put the credit card aside and go, you know what, I actually don’t need that.

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Choose to use that moment as a chance for acknowledgment and healing.

Give shopping the right meaning!

Want to do some more stuff around this?

Join me for Liberate Your Life. This is a joyful, grateful appreciative experience that you’re investing, because when you invest, what you get out of it will return to you in three-fold.

Anyway, to finish up, check-in on how you feeling when spending, be aware of your body response. Be aware of the crash that can come from spending when you’re not in the right state for shopping.

Get yourself into a state of gratitude and appreciation.

Be aware of the law of circulation, invest in Liberate Your Life and come and do more work on me with this. Liberate Your Life is open to all people all humans.

However, you identify, let’s get this stuff sorted, for you, and I will teach you the full happiness formula in there.

Choose your happy, choose your happiness.