I think it’s a rite of passage feeling judged when it comes to showing up on the internet especially when what you have to say is important.

Back when I first went into business, I used to work with teenagers but always had to discuss their signing up with their parents.

That set me up for a lot of judgement because I have never had children.

This got thrown in my face on more than one occasion!

If you ever had somebody turnaround and deliberately misunderstand you and what you stand for in your business, it’s frustrating.

You’re here to serve at a higher level.

You’re here to help, and you spend hours working in and on your business.

Then when somebody tells you you’re wrong, questions you on your knowledge, says that they know better, the stomach churns.

Maybe you even feel like you should quit.

Although that doesn’t last too long, but you sit still in a spot when you are hesitating to speak up, show up and really push your message out there.

Steadily growing your business yet still feel like your a fraud?

You’re not the only one, but if you want to hit the next bracket, the hesitation needs to stop.

10 years ago, attempting to connect with parents so I could help their teenagers was so freaking frustrating.

I contracted my social media presence after a while, I didn’t want to talk to parents on the phone anymore and I realise now, that it wasn’t the parents, it wasn’t the people telling me I was wrong, it was me being denied of what lit me up inside and made me feel good.

Photo by Just Name from Pexels


This was all my shadow values not being acknowledged.

My knowledge was being dismissed because I didn’t have children (although I had been a teenager, go figure). I was getting negative attention from attempting to serve, people resented me asking to be paid money for a service they decided should be free! (Free doesn’t pay my bills – mums and dads).

My inability to own my own desire from my work, ended up being a part of the reason that the business shut down.

And no one wants to shut their business down.

You want people to recognise your knowledge. You want to get positive attention, to feel good, you have to find a way to own that within yourself.

Does that sound familiar?

Stop looking for external validation and start putting the steps in place to no longer have to worry.

That’s where the gold is, it’s all in you.

This is how you grow your business, take back your life and serve amazing clients.

Transform your inner world and watch your outer world expand.

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