I really opened up to an old friend yesterday and shared with her how I felt that my closest friends from interstate had really forgotten me in this lockdown (her being one of them).

I felt super vulnerable in sharing that with her.

I mean I am the strong one, The Happiness Technician, the one everyone turns to in their times of need.

Surely, I would never feel sad, stressed or a little forgotten?

But, I had been feeling really sad the last week or so, about not hearing from my friends, while watching them go about their non lock down lives (oh hi Mercury retrograde).

I’m usually pretty chilled about it, but at this point I just wasn’t (hello period).

And then I sat with it, and realised what needed to shift with in my self.

The neediness. (Repelling the exact thing I desired, the connection from my old friends).

The control. (Hello shadow value, we can’t control others).

The stubbornness. (It’s not how many times someone has called in
comparison to how many times I have called, you can call them).

So I decided to let it go, and allow my friends to show up as they choose to and as they are. They are living their life and they have things happening.

I decided to be ok with it.

And the freedom in the letting go a miracle happened.

Three of them rang me this week.

Your lesson today is whats YOUR energy is in any situation? What are you allowing vs what are you attempting to force?

The friend I shared this with said she had been thinking of me but thought I’d be so busy, she didn’t want to interrupt me.

What can you lovingly release today?

And, do you have a friend who you think might be busy but might also like to hear from you?

Let them know you’re thinking of them xx