Does the thought of spending time with the rallies and handing out presents to family give you heart palpitations?

The coming judgement around who spent what and how much effort went into choosing or wrapping the gifts.

Of people criticising what you put (or don’t put) on your plate to eat?

Conversations around who is (or isn’t) with someone, who put on weight, lost weight, missed out on something or took a risk etc

AND it’s even worse when you know YOU’RE the topic of the conversation.

Apart from doing a bottle or two to cope or staying in bed until the festive season is over, here’s my tips to manage social anxiety at Christmas time. (whether at home, out the office crimes zoom event).

Remember it is only words.

What they say, really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things.

It DOES NOT change who you are at the core. A fabulous human doing their best to live their best life.

Remember to breathe.

Weird as it sounds this is the best advice I was given when I confessed to social anxiety.

When under pressure we hold our breathe and that tell our nervous system we are under threat.

Our body the prepares to either fight, freeze or take flight.

Have an out call prepared.

You may or may not have ever done this , when on a first date but it also applies here.

If you’re worked up about an event, as a friend to call you at a reorganised time with a reason for you to leave.

When the friend calls you can then check in on how you feel and decide to leave or stay.

Handy for first dates and definitely handy for a Christmas escape.

And if you cant avoid a situation, say in advance how long you can stay for, and then you can manage your time without potentially having to deal with upset people if you leave suddenly.

Over all I hope you are surrounded by amazing people so this article can be saved for any first date/meeting scenarios instead.

Merry Festive Season, what ever you celebrate!

~ Trudi xx

Also I have decided to run the Vision Board challenge again in first week of January, for those that either missed it or didn’t complete it the first round.

Lets make a Vision Board that works not just a distant furtive or the next 90- days, one that works over the next FIVE YEARS!

Our board will use your brain, emotions, planning and a little bit of magic to charge it up for success.

Register here to access the videos:

We start on the 4th so you can do this with the kids too! What a great thing for school holidays!