For years I’ve been self-conscious about the sound of my voice.

At 47 years of age I’m still told that my voice sounds young which weakens my authority in leadership roles, as a presenter and coach.

I had a partner once tell me that told me when I sang I sound flat and high, I sounded like a child singing. (He told me this 30min before an audition for a back up vocalist, guess who cancelled her audition?)


I loved to sing but I went quiet and lost a part of my expression.

And in losing that part of my a creative part of my soul also went quiet.

It became and effort to speak my truth. Not because I didn’t believe my words but I doubted at a very deep level that anyone would take me seriously.

Going LIVE on FB, while I showed up confidently due to my training a part of my would cringe at the sound of my voice.

I rarely listened back to myself which also robbed me of potential opportunities for growth.

And the less I expressed my wisdom and learnings, the less other people where table to benefit from them.

A trickle down effect from peoples misguided comments that never needed to be made.

Which leads me to my point.

Where in your life has somebody’s misguided comment put the brakes on how you’re showing up?

Being told that there was something wrong with my voice made me super self-conscious about communicating, even after doing all of the mindset work around the confidence to share my message, there was always this niggling doubt in my mind.

That my voice was unpleasant to listen to, I couldn’t sing, my voice wasn’t engaging and on some level as much as I didn’t let it it’s still held me back at the same time. #innerconflict

I actually love to sing. I love to perform. I feel like I was born for the stage.

So the inner conflict is there right!?

Can you relate? Is there something that you have been told wrong with you whether or not you letting it hold you back the doubt lingers…..

But you can change it.

This is what I say to those who knocked my voice.

For example, I had singing lessons this year to “fix” my voice.

I told my teacher what a been said about my voice .That it was high that it was flat that the tonality was an enjoyable even though I’ve done musical theatre in my youth.

So he listened to me sing and boy was that hard to relax enough to sing in front of my teacher.

And he said to me “Trudi you sing high in your larynx but you’re in tune, you’re not flat”

He said “This is what makes your voice unique.”

I was taught the tools to add depth but not to change the tone.

He told me that singing high in my larynx was a strength because I could move through in the lower registers but not everyone was going to be able to sing as high as I could.

What I spent years thinking of as a weakness, as a flaw, something that was wrong with me, it turned out with my singing lessons to be my greatest strength.

So why am I sharing this with you you might be wondering?

Because for years I let somebody’s uneducated opinion rob me of the experience of singing, of joyful expression.

That with the support of a professional in their craft, you can transform those perceived “weakness’ into your greatest strengths, and that the time for holing back and letting people from your past still have power over you actions now, it’s TIME TO LET IT GO!

So I say, sing that song, dance that dance ,share that piece of writing that you wrote, and show those people who think they’re helping or think they know better that they are wrong.

That you expressing yourself in your fullest of joy is what the world needs right now

You do you boo, fix your crown, own your excellence and don’t let anyone put you in the corner!

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