Not all trainings are created equally

Immersive, experiential games are the next tier to be added to the event of anyone who is serious about client outcomes.

A game, which can run for 2-6 hours, allows total immersion into the application and outcomes required for any course.

Games are engaging because the students are busy “doing”. There is the practical application of lessons previously taught in what we call the pre-teach, which allows for the lesson to hit home and leave a lasting impression.

Well crafted games can be used at every event you run and students can keep coming back and playing the same game over and over again. This is due to the fact there is no one outcome for the game and as the student up-skills, they can up skill in the game environment as well.

Games area safe place for the student to stretch themselves with new lessons as they can fail over and over again and take the learning outcomes not the “real” world and avoid making costly mistakes.



Ready to Learn?Join Me For a One Day Business Training Experience.

Being told is one thing, but learning through experience is a totally different ball game.
Imagine being able to embody your business lessons through doing.
Taking action in an environment that mimics real life scenarios.
In a space where you can make mistakes, correct yourself and when things happen in “real life” you automatically know how to respond.
Put yourself in a controlled environment and see what you naturally do.
Reprogramme yourself in a fun and interactive “games based” environment. Where you don’t have to wait your turn to roll the dice.
Plato has been quoated as saying “we learn more when we are having fun” so bring your business bestie along.
This day dedicated to improving your professional communication.
Developing your confidence with negotiation.
Your focus on how yo currently view your numbers.
There will also be time for networking with like minded business owners.
Tickets are $97 and includes a follow up group call via zoom.
Space is limited to 20 people.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied.
It is recomened you bring your lunch.
To find out the nearest location fora day nearest to you, please email me at










Want To Combine Experiential Learning And Course Building?

Imagine of you could tap into your child like sense of play and wonder at will?
Step away from dull boring adult eyes and change the whole energy around your thinking and your business.
Paint pictures with your words and do things in ways no one in your industry has thought to do them before.
The freedom.
This is why you need to come to The Creative Experience.
Experiential learning steps you into a world of possibility, where the teachings don’t come from a book they come to your from doing, play and stepping fearlessly into a magical place of possibility and what could be.
What could your world be like if you could step out of your head and into your body and imagination?
Come and learn how to be creative and limitless at the three day creators retreat. Walk away with content and courses outlined, a raised vibe around your work and al the lessons ingrained into your body.
We learn more when we are having fun! Even Plato knew it back in the day.
Build a rockstar, be an artist and direct a play.
Learn how to share your voice, your message and your meaning.
Watch your business grow afterwards.
Live event running Ocotber 2017


Want your training events to be memorable?
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Custom eCourse Design Packages

If an eight week course doesn’t sound like you and you want to get started yesterday I also offers 1:1 packages, small mastermind groups and done for you services. P.O.A. To discuss your needs please sign up here.


If you are looking for 1:1 work around particular areas of course building, business strategy or mindset work to remove the blocks holding you back, single 90min sessions can be purchase for $300 To book in a time please contact me at or call on 0412 123 488