Imagine being able to live your life to the fullest, with no cares in the world about what people might think or say about you, expressing yourself fully and enjoying every opportunity with no second guessing your right to do so.

You can hire that baby-sitter, get a house cleaner, get a team member to do your FB scheduling, ask for what you want and take time out to honour yourself.

To do things that light you up, and not feel like everyone else has to come first!

Cool right?

Well sadly that is NOT the reality for most women.

Due to childhood conditioning about good girl behaviour, religious indoctrination, and shit that has happened to reinforce the belief that we are not allowed to have what we want in our informative years… we get stuck. 

It impacts our results in business, our friendships and personal relationships. 

You might know it as Imposter Syndrome. 

Pretending to agree, be polite, put ourselves last, doubting that you know enough to be the expert you desire to be?  I don’t know about you, but it used to make me want to scream some days. 

How different would your life look if you decided that the parts of you that had previously been shamed, you had been told to minimise (I mean seriously love, you’re such a show off, be quiet ok it’s not lady like to behave this way) were the parts that needed to shine and be loved?

Imagine living a fully expressed life.

This can be you. 

You are allowed a pay rise, you are allowed to speak your truth, you are allowed to think as an individual and be in charge and FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT!

“Too many women play small. Its time for the feminine embodiment of male entitlement. It’s time for us to Embrace, it’s time for a global movement “

 ~ Trudi Pavlovsky


Full surrender to your hidden side. A willingness to kick the imposter out of your head to the curb, once and for ALL!

A yearning desire to bring forth all of YOU, in your authentic, feminine glory and for you to decide to reach out for all your heart desires.

Modules include:

Week 1: Attention
It’s time to become truly comfortable with receiving attention in your business and life: no more hiding. .

Week 2: Belong
Are you staying in places where you are tolerated or celebrated? We explore the deeper and sometimes darker side of belonging.

Week 3: Validation
When we look externally for worth we end up disappointed, you have everything inside you that you need. When you look.

Week 4: Control 
No more control freak whispers when you ask for things done your way. Own it, you know what you want.

Week 5: Authority 
Step into your full authority and be the leader that you already know you are.

Week 6: Rebelliousness
Rebels are the innovators. It’s time to step into energy and up level your business.

Week 7: Superiority
Hiding your knowledge is hindering your growth, it’s not only ok to be smart, its also safe.

Week 8: Sexuality
When you can ask for what you want with no shame, fear, guilt or judgement in the bedroom and how you express yourself to the world, you become magnetic.

Week 9: Money
Money is energy and too many women sacrifice and struggle to accept and receive what they are worth. You no longer need to be one of them.


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